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eLAYOVER - LAX: Los Angeles International
Getting a little bored at the airport?
No need to spend hours laying about the airport with nothing to do. Using eLayover you can match up your interests with your available time and find something fun to do.

Choose how much free time you have to spend between connections by clicking on the times below and we'll show you your choices.

With layovers of two hours or less, we recommend that you spend your entire layover at the airport. if your have more than two and a half hours, we'll make our recommendations based on the time you need to get to and from the airport.

Plan ahead.
On these very short layovers you have to maximize your time. Use our site to figure out how to quickly navigate the terminal, so you can quickly get out of the terminal and find a cab.

Be sure to take into account the time you'll need to leave for preboarding your connecting flight.

Print a map.
Los Angeles is a sprawling place, so don't count on the taxi driver being familiar with every neighborhood. It might be a good idea to print out a map which you can give to the driver in case he isn't familiar with the area you're going to.

Arrange for your return.
Getting a taxi at the airport is easy. Getting one back to the airport is a bit more difficult. Los Angeles is not New York, so don't expect to be able to hail a cab at a moment's notice. Ask your driver to arrange for a pick-up allowing at least a half hour to get back to the airport in time to make your flight. (While you may only be ten minutes away, anticipate traffic problems.) If the driver can't do it, arrange for someone at the facility you are using to call for a taxi.
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