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If your changing airlines, you'll need to take the "A" LAX Shuttle which makes a continuous loop around the terminals. There are shuttle bus stops located outside each terminal on the arrival level, in the center island. Look for "LAX SHUTTLES" on the overhead signs. Note: This shuttle does not go to the Imperial Terminal which is on the opposite side of the airport. To get there, you will have to take a taxi or a van shuttle.



So, you've got plans to fly out of LAX at midnight to take that Tahiti vacation you've been planning for years. You're leaving on a charter flight but you had to get to Los Angeles International on your own. You've got 14 hours, you've been to eLayover.com and found some fabulous things to do. You've got one problem - What to do with your bags. Yes, you can store them (more about that later) but we've got a better idea. Call RPM , the LAX Airport Luggage Storage and Delivery Services people. Call when you arrive and they will meet you at the luggage carousel. They're easy to spot. Look for people with blue shirts with orange RPM lettering on them. They'll take your bags and you're free for the day

Give them a call as you head back to the airport and an RPM representative will meet you at the check-in counter with your bags. This company serves all the southern California airports so if you're arriving at one and leaving from another, they can arrange to deliver your bags to you there. There is an extra charge for that. RPM is at the airport 24 hours per day and awaiting your call at 800-776-1799. Be sure to tell them you heard about them from eLayover.
The cost: $10.00 - For pick-up and delivery plus the following charges.
$ 1.00 - Per Bag...Per Day (Small)
$ 2.00 - Per Bag...Per Day (Medium)
$ 4.00 - Per Bag...Per Day (Large)
Surfboards and Sailboards are quoted at airport!

You can store your bags as several locations at LAX.

  • The Bradley Terminal - There is a storage facility on the departure level next to Maylasian Airlines. The cost is $7.00 for a medium bag and $9.00 for a large bag for each 24 hour period.

    You can rent electronic lockers which are available in all terminals and are charged for in 30 minuted increments. They come in three sizes.
  • Small - 13 inches wide x 17 inches high x 32 inches deep
  • Medium - 13 inches wide x 23 inches high x 32 inches deep
  • Large - 20 inches wide x 36 inches high x 32 inches deep

  • The cost is the same for the small and medium sizes at $1.00 per / 30 minutes with a limit of $6.00. The large lockers go for $1.25 for each 30-minute period with a limit of $7.25. The lockers are keyless. Passengers receive a receipt with a code number on it which is used to open the locker. If additional payment is required, it must be inserted before the locker will open. One caveat, if you are using the lockers in the Bradley International Terminal, you may not leave items for more than 24 hours.

  • Gourmet Pizza

  • Over the past few years the decent meal options have improved markedly at LAX,and there is no better example than famed restaurateur Wolfgang Puck's ( Spago and Chinois On Main) Pizza Cafes. These modestly priced restaurants which first surfaced in some of the better shopping centers in Southern California have now expanded to the airport with branches in 2 terminals. If you're in a hurry, you can get a fabulous pizza, a salad and a glass of wine and it won't set you back too much. If you're not lucky enough to have one in the concourse your airline is flying out of, and have an extra half hour, it's worthwhile to jump onto the free inter-terminal "A" shuttle. map It's also an easy walk.
  • Wolfgang Puck Pizza Cafe - Terminal 2
  • Wolfgang Puck Pizza Cafe Terminal 7

  • TRADITIONAL AMERICAN GRILL Another restaurant group which has brought their cuisine to the airport are the folks who operate the The Daily Grills, a popular Southern California chain which has been expanding nationally. The Daily Grill at LAX is is the largest full-service airport restaurant in the United States and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A traditional American style grill, the menu is extensive, with everything from burgers, steaks and chops, grilled fish and chicken and plentiful main course salads. The prices are moderate and the portions good sized. San Franciscan's might find some comfort in their Joe's Special, a ground beef, eggs and spinach scramble which has been a favorite in the San Francisco Grills all the way back to the early part of the century. Again, if you're flying domestic you can get there via a short ride on the inter-terminal shuttle map or it is an easy walk.
  • Bradley International Terminal mezzanine level

    Not much more than five minutes away from the airport is Landry's, located in the Sheraton Gateway Hotel. A friend, who's a food industry pro, recommends Landry's highly, rating it amongst her top ten Los best Angeles Restaurants. They're only open for dinner 5PM - 11PM. The fare might best be described as California Continental cuisine and includes steaks, chops,seafood and pasta's. They also have a terrific sushi bar, which may be amongst the best on L.A.'s West side. The average food cost is currently running under $20.00. They have a full bar and wine cellar. One of the real bonuses of this place is it won't cost you a dime to take the Sheraton Gateway's shuttle to get there and back. You can call the hotel from a courtesy phone in the baggage area and request a ride.
    Sheraton Gateway Hotel
    6101 West Century Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90045.

    Some folks may be a bit nervous about leaving the airport between flights, so for those of you we suggest The Encounter, which is located in the 60's style building which may just have been inspired by the Jetsons and has become the symbol for LAX. You can't miss the building which is located in the center of the airport and was once described to me by a five year old as a cross between a flying saucer and a giant spider. The decor is 50's retro right down to the lava lamps. There are rumors that one might encounter a movie star at the Encounter but we wouldn't bet on it.
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