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The right e-tools can make your travel easier
Get several free internet tools, an eLAYOVER eMail account, a way to get instant access important documents, and a net-based calendar to help you work more efficiently while on the road. Read on to find out how elayover.com has put together a great free set of tools sure to garner the weariest road warrior a battlefield promotion.More

Access the net from anywhere

It won't be long before we're all traversing the world with wireless modems, but until we are there are several ways to get on line without breaking the bank. Internet Kiosks, Rental workstations and Internet Cafes can keep you wired.
Find out how

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Road Warrior
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Worst on-time records in recent history but you can fly on time
The latest U.S. government statistics show a trend toward longer flight delays at almost every major U.S. airport. This means longer airport layovers and almost certain late arrivals. But don't fret, eLayover can show you how to turn the statistics to your advantage, so the next time you fly you can insure the chances of arriving on time. More

Carry-on tips & tricks

Anyone who has flown recently has noticed that most commercial carriers are discouraging carry-on's. Our resident expert, a businessman known only as Mr. Traveling Light, offers our visitors a half dozen tips for the "roll your own" set. Find out how to on breezing through security, making sure have a place for them,coping with and once in a while exceeding the two bag limit. Don't tell the airlines where you heard it.

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