Airlines record worst on-time records in recent history

According to the latest U.S. government statistics, ( 9/2/99 ) the nation's domestic carriers continue the trend continued flight delays. Across the entire system, from airport to airport, record delays continue to be reported.
However despite these gloomy statistics, you can make sure you arrive on-time with a bit of judicious planning. If you look at the chart we've included, you will see that almost without exception, flights originating early in the day arrive on-time but as the travel day progresses the arrival times begin to slip, so that by day's end many flights are as much as an hour late. So our conclusion is if you want to be sure to arrive on-time plan on leaving on the first flights of the day.

Fly early: Your chances of arriving on-time are far better. According to statistics released in the U.S. Department of Transportation Department's latest Air Travel Consumer Report. (September 8, 1999) the ten largest U.S. carriers posted a 71.1 percent on-time record in July,1999, which means they were late close to 30% of the time. An analysis of the report shows that flights scheduled for arrival in the early morning (6:00-6:59 AM) arrive on time 88% of the time and drop continuously throughout the day to an average low of 59.2% during peak travel times. (6:00-6:59 PM)

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For many Netizens "on the road" it isn't easy to stay in contact.
It's expensive and impractical to dial the local number they use at home to reach their Internet Service Provider (ISP), so picking up email can be a pain, but not if you sign up for a FREE EMAIL ADDRESS at Our email accounts are accessible from from any computer connected to the net, anywhere in the world. Wherever you are our email service is there for you. And with our pop mail service you can grab email from all your email accounts, so family, friends and business associates can always reach you.

Another convenient service is free web storage space which we are offering jointly with FREEDRIVE.COM. This service offers a safe and secure place to back up your documents while traveling. We look upon it as a kind of free electronic safe-deposit boxfreedrive.gif where you can store just about anything. Think of it as a place to back-up your valuable work or a place to keep documents you might want to resource but don't necessarily want to keep on your laptop. We have a friend who keeps important information like, his address book , driver's license, passport numbers and even his credit card numbers (encrypted of course) , all safely tucked away for any emergency. Click on the image and sign up for your eLAYOVER Freedrive.

Another handy recommendation is Appoint.Net'sFREE ONLINE CALENDAR which allows you to keep a calendar while on the road. This neat service also offers a date book and a to-do list. One of its nice features is the ability to change time zones. We have a friend who uses it and gives the password to his business associates so they can keep track of his itinerary. You can sign up for it by clicking on the links below.

Appoint.Net - Your Free Online Calendar.

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nolaptop.gif Traveling without a laptop.

Internet Cafes are popping up all over the world like wild mushrooms after a rainy spring. They're great places to pick up your email, enjoy an expresso and meet fellow travelers. If you want to loacate on in a city or country you are traveling to we suggest you check out the The Cybercafe Search Engine

Another great way to pick up email is to use the QuickATM's QuickAid Internet kiosks which can be found at Airports around the world. These free standing internet stations are quite convenient and reasonable, allowing you to charge the time you use on a major credit card. QuickAid offers their users a great deal of airport information as well. You can connect to their site from ours by clicking the terminal information button on our individual airport pages. Another idea comes from LAPTOP LANE, a company opening small business suites at major airports around the country. You can choose between using their workstations or your laptop to catch up on work or cruise the net. Check out their Website to see which airports are operational and which will be opening in the near future.

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A half dozen tips for those who carry luggage aboard

When walking aiport concourses these days, you're more likely to see more "roller-bags" than you used to. More and more passengers are carrying their luggage on board, allowing them quicker get-aways when they arrive at their destinations, but carrying bags on board means a bit of strategy.

    Allow yourself a bit more time to get through airport security if you are carrying your bags. This is especially true if you are carrying a computer or other electronic equipment which in some terminals needs to be turned on to show that it is working before the security folks will allow you to pass. This can be a bit time consuming and if you're cutting it close, you might arrive at your gate after boarding has started, resulting in less choice of overhead bins.

    Fly flights which are less popular. Gate attendants tend to be more lenient when flights are less crowded and might look the other way if you're over the two bag limit.

  • Don't Dally
    The earlier you board the better chance you have of getting your carry-on's stowed near your seat.

    If another passenger has used the overhead compartment above your row, and you can't stow your bags there, try to stow them in an overhead closer to the front of the plane. There is nothing worse than trying to retrieve a bag a few rows behind you when everyone is clammoring to exit the aircraft.
    Always be sure your bags carry luggage tags, but these days when so many bags look alike it's easy to grab the wrong one. We suggest that you tie a colored ribbon around the handle of your. carry-on, briefcase or computer bag. You'll be less likely to grab the wrong bag, with this little flag attached.
    If you're carrying more than one bag, you might need the space beneath the seat ahead of you to store your 2nd bag. You lose that extra flexibility sitting in a seat behind a bulkhead as their is no under seat storage.

    Reserve a seat towards the rear of the plane. Most airlines board by rows, boarding the rows closest to the back of the plane first. The sooner you get on, the better chance you have to stow your carry-on's

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